Hard Drive Data Recovery in Tucson

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Is it Hard Drive Failure?

  You may be seeing hard drive failure and the need for hard drive data recovery if you notice:

  • Drive doesn't spin
  • Computer makes a grinding sound
  • Computer makes a clicking sound
  • Blue screen
  • No operating system found
  • External hard drive won't mount

Our hard drive data recovery specialists recover data lost to hard drive crash from power surges, lightning strikes, fires, floods, sabotage viruses and accidents. 


 Nationally, most hard drive recovery service is required because of these causes of hard drive failure:

  • Hard drive overheating
  • Dropping or bumping your computer 
  • Electrical failure
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Corruption
  • Viruses
  • Liquid damage
  • Operator Error

In Tucson hard drive failure is often related to power surges during monsoon season or winter storms, or overheating of equipment during summer heat.

Whatever the cause of your hard drive failure, it is likely we can get your data back. We recover deleted files and formatted/f-disked drives, and offer laptop hard drive recovery.

Get data recovery from hard drive - call today. 

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Important - if you suspect hard drive failure, take these steps to protect your data

1. Turn off computer and leave it off.  If you are experiencing hard drive problems, repeatedly turning the computer on and off can make hard drive data recovery much more difficult.

2. Avoid do-it-yourself recovery software.  Failed DIY methods can make professional data recovery impossible.

3. Please do not take your device apart.

4. Please do not use a "check disk" program - it can cause further damage and make corrupt hard drive recovery even more difficult. 

5. Disconnect the device from the power supply and call a professional.

Choose the Tucson Data Recovery Specialists

Some online hard drive fie recovery processes can actually damage your data further.  By following our hard drive data recovery protocol, the data recovery specialists at Continental Computer Services protect your data during the recovery process.  

5 step process to recover hard drive data or restore external hard drive data includes:

Step 1 - Analyze

Step 2 - Determine how you want your data restored

Step 3 - Provide you with a price quote for consideration

4 - Begin data recovery in our local lab, keeping you apprised of progress as we move forward

5 - Create new file lists and full data verification for both validity and integrity.  Provide all recovery results in whatever format specified.

We Analyze First - Careful analysis of your device allows us to determine what the problem might be before we attempt to recover hard drive data for you.  By following our analysis protocol, we identify and isolate problems.  That means we can correct those problems in the order most likely to protect any available data and make recovery of your hard drive data more likely.

Our deleted data recovery process allows us to retrieve lost data, deleted data from hard drie, deleted files from hard disk, and other deleted files.

Data Recovery for External Hard Drive

External hard drives and portable hard drives typically serve as data storage or data backup.

Data recovery for external hard drive or usb drive recovery can be complicated by physical damage to the drive casing or the drive itself.  Our careful analysis prior to data recovery helps to insure you get your data back.

Call us for all your external drive recoveries, including flash drive recovery service.

Hard Disk Data Recovery

 Hard Drive info extraction is often also referred to as hard disk recovery or hard disk data recovery.  If you have hard disk data loss and need disk file recovery to recover data from hard disk, we offer you a free hard disk recovery diagnostic or free hard disk recovery quote.  

Hard drive data recovery services and hard disk recovery services are priced individually depending on what your particular job requires.  Call us about hard drive data recovery in Tucson and ask for your free estimate by phone or on the contact form below. 

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RAID Recovery

RAID,  or  redundant array of independent disks, is a virtualized data storage technology that provides the user with data redundancy and better performance.

  By distributing data virtually across multiple disks, RAID protects against unrecoverable sector read errors and failure of the actual physical drive. 

 RAID levels are designated by numbers following the name RAID with each number designating a specific balance between goals like capacity, performance, availability and reliability.

Our data recovery process includes RAID data recovery, from RAID 0 data recovery to RAID 5 data recovery.

RAID recovery can be complex and time consuming.  Be sure you are dealing with a company - like Tucson.Computer- experienced in RAID recovery processes.

  Contact our office for a system analysis and estimate.

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