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Tucson.Computer provides local photo recovery and data recovery in the greater Tucson area.  No shipping your device out of state!  Use our handy drop off near I-10 or give us a call and we come to you.

Data recovery in Tucson

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You get professional data recovery for data loss from 



Cell Phones

Media Cards

Our professional data restoration specialists recover deleted files and deleted data from Windows, Linux, Novell, Mac, Solaris and Unix operating systems.

 We most often get calls for data recovery for :

 Windows (95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and 10)

Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, Turbo, SuSe, Debian, Ubuntu)

Novell (Traditional and NSS volumes)

Mac (Apple Mac OS X, Apple Mac OS 9.x and higher

Solaris (Sparc and Intel)

Unix (SCO Open Server, BSD).

If your system is not listed, please call to see what we can do to recover hard drive data for you.

Call us to rescue deleted data and restore photos from data storage media such as hard disk drives, pen drives, digital cards, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other optical media.

We recover lost files and recover lost data.

Operating System Information Recovery

Email Recovery 

Exchange Recovery 

File Repair - Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint

Backup Recovery 

We  recover hard drive data and handle memory card recovery , sd card recovery, and raid data recovery.  Call today for 

Laptop Data Recovery

PC File Recovery and PC Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Data recovery for  external harddrive.

Specialized Data Recovery for Hard Drives, USB, Server, RAID

computer hard drive recovery a speciality at Tucson.Computer

 Our data recovery specialists are experts in  restoring data from inaccessible, formatted, damaged, failed or wrecked primary storage media  where data cannot be accessed using the operating system and we enjoy a high success rate of file recovery. 

Server Data Recovery

We can help you recover server data including

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Exchange OST
  • Exchange EDB
  • MS Backup
  • ZIP
  • SQL data recovery

Server data recovery issues always get priority attention. If you find you need server recovery, call or text us at once so that we can get started on your serve data recovery and server repair.


 SIM Card Data Recovery

Call us for SIM card data recovery and SD card data recovery.   We can help you recover server data including

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Exchange OST
  • Exchange EDB
  • MS Backup
  • ZIP


USB and External Drives

Data can be recovered from USB or pen drive, thumb drive, jump drive,  and other external drives.  USB file recovery and USB hdd recovery is handled with the same careful protocol as other computer data recovery.  Drop off your USB drive or other external hard drive to get a quick usb file recovery estimate.  

If you are looking for other types of external hard drive data recovery, please give us a call.  We look forward to serving you with data recovery from external hard drive.

Looking for Hard Drive Recovery? Learn More Here

You Can Help with Data Retrieval

telephone operator gathering info about data loss at Tucson.Computer

  Knowing what caused your data loss can be helpful in our data recovery process. Most hard drive data recovery is required when a hard drive fails due to: 

  • Hard drive overheating - particularly in a laptop or  external hard drive with inadequate fan capability
  • Dropping or bumping the device
  • electrical failure or power surge
  • manufacturing defects
  • corruption from viruses
  • liquid damage
  • operator error

Did you notice any of the following issues assocated with data loss?

  • Data may hve been accidentally reformatted or deleted
  • The computer won't boot
  • that drive is no longer accessible
  • my application won't run or load data
  • I think I have a virus
  • Hard disk is making a clicking noise or won't spin
  • Black screen
  • A spill - water or other liquid
  • Fire or intense heat
  • Physical damage to the computer or other device

Call us now for help restoring your data - or use the form below to request an evaluation and free estimate for data retrieval. 

If you suspect hard drive failure please see specific ways to protect your data prior to recovery here. 

Hard Drive Failure - See How to Protect Computer Data Prior to Recovery

Experienced Technicians Protect Your Data During Recovery

Computer technicians at work on data recovery - Get your data back at Tucson.Computer

Some online recovery offers actually put your data at risk and make it harder to recover, costing you more in the long run. 

Our in-house recovery specialists are experts in photo recovery and restoring data from inaccessible, formatted, damaged, failed or wrecked primary storage media  where data cannot be accessed using the operating system and we enjoy a high success rate of file recovery. diagnose problems before starting to recover your data files and protect your data throughout the process. 

Photo Recovery

photo recovery image - Get your photos back at Tucson.Computer

Yes, you may be able to get those precious photos back.  

See our photo recovery page - or call or text now for more information and an estimate for photo retrieval.  

520 405-9568.

Find out more about photo recovery

Call Now to Get a Quote for Data Restoration

Phone operator for data restoration - call Tucson.Computer

 Looking to restore files from hard drive?  Need to restore erased files?  

Just ask for an estimate on restoring recently deleted files.  

We restore data from all sorts of storage devices - computers, phones, hard drives.  Give us a call! 

Get an Estimate for Data Restoration

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery image to describe data recovery at Tucson.Computer

About Data Recovery

Data recovery or file recovery is the rescue and restoration of files lost to data disaster.

If your files are accidentally deleted, your entire system has been changed, or data has been lost to virus attacks, you likely need specialized data recovery services to salvage data.   

Data disasters can include physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to a file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system. 

File recovery can also be the process of recovering deleted information from a storage media for forensic purposes.  

 Data usually gets lost due to physical damage to data storage media or logical damage to the file systems. 

  • Hardware Malfunctions - 44%
  • User Error - 32%
  • Software Corruption - 14%
  • Computer Viruses - 7%
  • Natural Disasters - 3%

In Tucson, data loss is often associated with electrical storms.

Whatever the cause of your data loss, call now for fast, professional and accurate data recovery from Tucson.Computer.

Professional Data Restoration and Repair

Tucson.Computer Data Recovery is a multi-step process involving both trouble shooting and data restoration.

Each in-house file recovery process includes creation of new file lists and full data verification for both validity and integrity.  

The Tucson.Computer process includes the following steps designed to protect your data:

  1. Determine if we likely can recover the data based on findings like: Is data easily accessible to our recovery lab equipment? Does data loss involve a hard disk crash which involves replacing failed or damaged components in a clean room environment? Are file structures intact?
  2. Determine how you want your data restored.
  3. Provide you with a price quote for consideration.
  4. Begin data recovery in our local lab, keeping you apprised of progress as we move forward. 
  5. All recovery results are provided to you and recovered data is provided in whatever format you specified.  

Have Questions about Data Recovery?

Give us a call or send a text - we are happy to help.

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