Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do when my computer won't . . .?

These are some of the most common problems we see at Tucson.Computer.  If you are running into any of these "computer won't" problems, you might try running Startup Repair or replacing missing files or running FDisk on an older system or try "last known good".  (Or you might want to just give us a call - we know how to fix your computer without damaging more files.)H

  • Computer won't boot
  • Computer won't start
  • computer won't turn on
  • computer won't work
  • computer won't power up
  • computer won't recognize
  • computer won't read
  • computer won't connect
  • computer wont sleep
  • computer won't charge
  • computer won't restore
  • computer won't stand by
  • computer won't defrag
  • computer won't shutdown
  • computer won't log on

How Can I Fix My Computer?

If your computer was working fine but suddenly started freezing, crashing or shutting down spontaneously, you may be able to fix your computer with the following steps:*

  1. Check for recently installed software or hardware
  2. Run your antivirus program - make sure it is up to date first
  3. Run some good spyware removal tool
  4. Check for free hard drive space - low disk space can lead to random lockups
  5. Check for overheating -   Overheating can be caused by problems with fans in the computer, dust buildup or other cooling issues - make sure the power supply fan and CPU fan are running and free of dust buildup.  
  6. Check the memory
  7. Update Windows and Drivers

*SAFETY NOTE:  Unless you really know your way around computers, many of these steps are best performed by qualified repair technicians.  

NEVER OPEN THE POWER SUPPLY CASE - it contains high voltage.  Use extreme caution when cleaning the inside of your computer - the wrong tools or static electricity can cause damage.

How Should I Clean My Computer?

How Can I Speed Up My Computer?

If you find your computer running slow, you may be able to speed it up yourself with this 10 point speed up computer care checklist.

  1. Try turning the computer off, wait a moment or two, and turn it back on.  Simple, safe and gives your computer the chance to get rid of some accumulated problems automatically.
  2. Clear browsing history
  3. Check for viruses and remove any you find.
  4. Remove malware and spyware
  5. Check to make sure you have enough hard drive space.  We recommend keeping about 10% free.
  6. Remove or turn off unused or unneeded software that may be running every time you start up the computer.
  7. Remove browser add ons that may have been added without your knowledge.
  8. Keep an eye on the cache on your browser - empty as needed.
  9. Make sure drivers are up to date.
  10. Run defrag to make sure data on your hard drive is in good order - important for older computers.

FAQ - Laptops

Can a Cracked Laptop Screen be Repaired? Can a laptop screen be fixed?

Most laptop screens cannot be effectively repaired - but we can replace the screen on many types of laptops.

Do I have to send this laptop back to the manufacturer for laptop repair?

   Let us take a look at it first. We fix laptops and have years of experience doing Tucson laptop repair and we may be able to save you the expense and security risks of sending your laptop back to the manufacturer.  

Liquid spilled on laptop - can you fix my laptop?

  From baby formula to Bloody Marys - we are experts at cleaning up the mess a liquid spill leaves in your laptop. Call us immediately to repair spill damage and save your data.  



If you spill a little water on your laptop, here are some steps to take to begin the repair process. Keep in mind that if liquid reaches the motherboard it can cause a short circuit so act quickly but carefully.   Dry your hands and move the laptop to a dry area. Turn off the laptop fast by holding down the power button for about 5 seconds.  Unplug the laptop power cord and anything else attaching the laptop to electricity. If you know how to do it, remove the battery.    If you are uncomfortable removing the battery, stop here, turn your open computer face down on a towel and give us a call.    If the liquid was a sugary soda, alcohol or a milk product, you will definitely need professional help to salvage the computer.   

Do I need to wait while my laptop is being fixed?

    No -- we know your time is valuable. Drop off your laptop and we will call you with an estimate for repairs.