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Removal of Virus, Spyware, Malware 


NOTE:  Please avoid online virus removal "fixes".  Some virus removal online can damage your data beyond retrieval - or make retrieving your data much more difficult and expensive.

Our Tucson virus removal experts safely remove viruses/spyware without affecting your valuable data. 

In addition to safe virus removal, our computer virus repair services include the following steps to protect your computer:

  1. Install latest virus and spyware protection     
  2. check security to insure only you have access to data
  3. Secure computer from outside intruders 
  4. Install protection from internet worms
  5. Install firewalls for network security
  6. Clean spyware to help prevent future attacks.

Got a Virus Tucson?  

Get computer virus removal in Tucson, laptop virus removal in Oro Valley, all virus removal in Marana. 

References?  Of course!  See why our professional virus techs are trusted for safe removal of computer virus in Tucson, Marana or Oro Valley - Call Today.

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My Computer Has a Virus! Know What to Look For

Computer Virus Attacks Code

What is a computer virus?  

Computer Viruses are small software applications designed to take control of your computer operation.

 The computer virus may delete data from your hard disk, change the way your computer operates, or attach itself to your email program. 

Viruses often spread as we download internet files or by clicking on an infected link.

We can remove virus from pc or mac

Think you might have a computer virus problem in Tucson? Need computer virus removal in Marana or Oro Valley?  We can help.

Signs of a virus infection, spyware or malware include:

Computer running slow

Computer shut down unexpectedly

Computer runs all the time

I am getting unexpected messages

Home page suddenly changes

Tool bar changed

Lots of popup ads 

Are you seeing any of these computer problems?

Computer seems slow - especially on the internet

Loading applications takes a lot longer

Computer freezes up or stops completely

Computer acts strange

You start getting unexpected error messages

Advertisements appear where you didn't have them before

Files go missing

Emails in your sent file that you didn't send

Please Note:  You may not see any symptoms of virus on computer.

 Some of the most vicious new viruses can hide in your computer.  They may lay dormant for hours, days or even months before they open themselves and target your data.

Sometimes you will not know you have a virus in your computer until we run a computer virus scan for virus in computer. 

If it has been a while since you had your computer cleaned up and checked, you may want to bring it by and we will check for "virus in my computer" as well as malware or spyware lurking in your system. 

Computer Virus - More Than Just a Nuisance

Computer Virus Can Open the Door to Data Loss and ID Theft Call Continental Computer Services Tucson

Computer virus infections have skyrocketed over the past few years, making all computers vulnerable to virus damage, data loss and ID theft. 

If you suspect you have a computer virus problem, don't delay.  Contact a computer professional at once to prevent further damage to your computer, data loss or even identity theft.

Impacts of a computer virus vary from virus to virus.  

You may lose information - or even your identity.  

Some viruses attempt to gather information that gives a cyber crook acces to your financial information and bank account.  

 The virus may send spam from your account.  This impact can be especially troubling for a business because it can cause increased traffic or even a network blockage.

 Viruses can severely affect the way your computer performs. Viruses can   delete important program code, disable the computer's operating system or trigger actions that affect operations.

 Total failures of networks have also been reported.  As far back as 1988, a worm caused problems impacting more than 6,000 computers and shutting down an entire network.  Network failure attributable to virus infection continue to this day.

When you need help to remove virus in Tucson, call us!

Our computer virus removal service can help with complete computer virus solutions: 

  • computer virus detection
  • virus removals
  • computer virus cleanup
  • protection against future virus infections
  • computer virus repair 
  • data recovery if needed.

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All Viruses, All Devices, All Local

Laptop virus removal by Continental Computer Services in Tucson AZ

Laptop Virus or Virus on your Desktop

Mac Virus or PC Virus

All computers are at risk for computer virus - let us help you with removal of virus from any device. 

New viruses come on line every day. We will give you an estimate to remove all virus on your device. 

If your computer is attacked by a computer virus in Marana, Tucson or Oro Valley - we can help.  No shipping - we handle removal of virus right here in Tucson.

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Satisfied Clients Talk About Virus Removal Continental Computer Services Tucson AZ

"I had a problem with new laptop I thought was windows 8 or possibly hardware problem.  Turned out to be a major virus -  Erik cleared up the problem."

Mike F 

"Thank you, Tucson.Computer.  Your virus removal team really speeded up my computer."  Lloyd S.

"Wow - what would I have done without you!  Thank you for rescuing my computer from that Microsoft scam!"  Susan F.

"Thank you so much for your very prompt response to my call.  Your technician showed up after hours and got my computer cleaned up and running again that same evening.  That is the kind of service a small business like mine really needs!"  Karen at Marketing Matters 

See for yourself why Tucson trusts Tucson.Computer for virus and spyware removal - give us a call.

You Get Virus Removal Plus Virus Protection

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Virus Removal + 

Get Free Virus Protection

When you bring your computer to us for a virus cleanup, you also get virus protection added at no additional charge.

Get Virus Repair

Viruses can spread and infect applications throughout your device.  Some viruses can make unwanted changes to your machine.

With 25 years in the computer repair business, our highly skilled techs can discover and repair any damage done by a virus, spyware or malware.  

Monthly Computer Care Option

Monthly remote cleanup scans your computer for virus problems and removes threats.

Ask how you can get a money saving remote service contract that protects against virus, spyware, malware and keeps your computer running right.

Data Recovery

Looking for data recovery after a virus attack?  See our data recovery page or call for more info.

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