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Computer Power Supply Problems

Your computer power supply is the heartbeat of your computer, providing the electrical power it needs to run.  We fix computer power problems.

A PC power supply is the power supply for computer and may provide power to the monitor as well. 

Your computer motherboard, drives, and some  expansion cards may all run off the main computer power supply - and the power supply may have one or more fans to help cool itself, as well.

Your PC power supply can be damaged by equipment failure, by accidents, by power surges or brownouts or even occasionally by lightning.  If you think you may have a computer power problem, call us for a complete diagnosis and repair.

Signs of Computer Power Failure

Computer power failure is an obvious possibility if your computer does not turn on.  However, other computer power problems are more subtle. 

 We will look at the possibility of computer power failure if you are seeing any of these symptoms:

  • computer reboots spontaneously
  • computer locks up 
  • computer overheats
  • you get electrical shocks when you touch the computer 

PC Power Failure Due to Computer Lightning Damage

PC power failure can be caused by lightning strike or brownouts or power surges.  If you believe your computer or modem may have been struck by lightning or that you are experiencing other computer lightning damage, please give us a call.

We Repair Computer Power Supply

We repair computer power problems in Tucson, we repair computer power problems in Marana, and we repair computer power problems in Oro Valley. 

If you are experiencing a computer power problem or pc power failure, give us a call and get a free estimate!

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