Hard Drive Repair in Tucson

Is It Hard Drive Failure?

 Signs of a bad hard drive include: 

  • clicking or grinding noise
  • a hard drive that won't spin
  • frequent crashes - particularly when booting up
  • corrupted data - unexpected changes to file names or folders that disappear
  • frequent error messages
  • slow down of computer
  • frequent freezing
  • blue screen

My Hard Drive Might Be Damaged - What Should I Do?

  If you suspect you have a dead hard drive, broken hard drive, damaged hard drive , or other sort of hard drive failure, please take these steps:

  • Turn off computer and leave it off.  If you are experience hard drive problems, repeatedly turning the computer on and off can make hard drive data recovery much more difficult.
  • Avoid do-it-yourself recovery software.  Failed DIY methods can make professional data recovery impossible.
  • Please do not take your device apart.
  • Please do not use a "check disk" program - it can cause further damage.
  • Disconnect the device from the power supply and call a computer repair person to repair the computer for you.

What Causes Hard Drive Damage?

  Hard Drive damage often occurs when a hard drive overheats - particularly in a laptop.  Other typical causes of hard drive failure include:

  • device was dropped
  • power surge
  • virus
  • manufacturing defects
  • operator error 
  • accident - particularly liquid damage.

Age is another important factor in a failed hard drive.  One study shows that about 5% of all newly installed drives fail in the first 18 months of use - typically because of manufacturing defects.  Hard drive failure peaks again after 4 years in service - as we begin to see age related hard drive crash.NOTE:  While we are glad to repair hard drive for you, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself against hard drive problems is to regularly back up your data.   

Get Professional Hard Drive Recovery or Replacement

 Call Continental Computer Services for a free estimate on all hard drive recovery.  We can help you with

  • laptop hard drive 
  • dead hard drive
  • hard drive failure
  • damaged hard drive 
  • broken hard drive 
  • failed hard drive
  • hard drive recovery
  • hard drive replacement

Did Your Hard Drive Damage Lead to Data Loss?

   Hard drive crash or a damaged hard drive often results in data loss.  If you have lost data to a damaged hard drive, we may be able to recover that data for you.  Ask about our data recovery or see more about Data Recovery here   

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