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Hard Drive Problems?

Computer crashes can signal a hard drive problem.  Call Tucson.Computer  Tucson, AZ

Hard Drive Problem in Tucson, Marana or Oro Valley?

If your computer has started running more slowly or you are getting computer crashes, you may have a hard drive problem or hard drive failure.

  Signs of a bad hard drive include: 

clicking or grinding noise

a hard drive that won't spin

frequent crashes - particularly when booting up

corrupted data - unexpected changes to file names or folders that disappear

frequent error messages

slow down of computer

frequent freezing

blue screen

Hard Drive Broken?

Whether you have a minor hard drive failure or a major hard drive crash, we can help you with all kinds of hard drive repairs and replacements.  

But let's be honest -- Most Hard Drive Repair is Really Hard Drive Replacement

Hard drives seldom lend themselves to repair.  Most damaged or failed hard drives must be replaced.

We can fix your computer - whether you need hard drive repair or hard drive replacement.  Let us take a look - we will give you an honest opinion - and an estimate of cost.

  Call Tucson.Computer for a free estimate to fix your hard drive problem with professional hard drive repair or hard drive replace. 

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My Hard Drive Might Be Damaged - What Should I Do?

If you suspect hard drive damage, take these steps. Tucson.Computer in Tucson AZ

 Think it might be an HDD problem?

 If you suspect you have a crashed hard drive, dead hard drive, broken hard drive, damaged hard drive, bad hdd, failing hdd, or other sort of hard drive failure, please take these steps:

  • Turn off computer and leave it off.  If you are experience hard drive problems, repeatedly turning the computer on and off can make hard drive data recovery much more difficult.
  • Avoid do-it-yourself recovery software.  Failed DIY methods can make professional data recovery impossible.
  • Please do not take your device apart.
  • Please do not use a "check disk" program - it can cause further damage.
  • Disconnect the device from the power supply and call a computer repair person to repair the computer for you.

 The computer professionals at Tucson.Computer have been recovering data and repairing computers for more than 25 years.  We will diagnose your hard drive problem and fix it right.

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We fix external hdd problems too!

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Tucson - No Shipping - Personal, Professional Service

Service rep on phone Tucson.Computer Tucson AZ

We do data recovery too.

Hard drive crash, hard drive fail or a damaged hard drive often result in data loss.  

If you have lost data to a damaged hard drive, we may be able to recover that data for you.  To learn more about how we do data recovery on failed hard drives, see these pages:  

Data Recovery in Tucson

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Disk Data Recovery


Get an estimate for data recovery or other hard drive repair in Tucson. 

Sometimes a corrupt hard drive or other hard drive problem can be handled with a repair - more often we will recommend a hard drive replacement to fix your hdd crash and retrieve your data.

Either way we promise to make sure you understand the problem and get a full estimate of costs before any work begins.

Your device will be repaired here in Tucson - no need to ship it out of state.  

Just call now for a professional diagnosis and estimate to repair or replace hard drive and get your data back.

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What Causes Hard Drive Damage?

Thermometer to show causes of hard drive damage Tucson.Computer Tucson AZ

  Hard Drive damage often occurs when a hard drive overheats - particularly in a laptop.  Other typical causes of hard drive failure include:

  • device was dropped
  • power surge
  • virus
  • manufacturing defects
  • operator error 
  • accident - particularly liquid damage.

Age is another important factor in a failed hard drive.  One study shows that about 5% of all newly installed drives fail in the first 18 months of use - typically because of manufacturing defects.  Hard drive failure peaks again after 4 years in service - as we begin to see age related hard drive crash.Data Recovery Services for most brands

Did you know this about Hard Drives?

The average life of a hard drive installed in a desk top computer is about 5 years, but the highest rates of failure actually can occur in the first year of use.

In a laptop or external hard drive, the life expectancy goes down to as little as 3 years.

NOTE:  While we are glad to repair or replace hard drive for you, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself against hard drive problems is to regularly back up your data.  Call us now for help in creating a data back up system for your files.   

Hard Drive, Hard Disk - What Is It?

Hard drive hard disk Tucson.Computer in Tucson AZ

Your Hard Drive Handles Data Memory

  A hard drive stores data, providing storage capacity for the files that run your computer - like it's operating system.

Hard Drive Can Also Be Called  . . .

You may see references to hard disk drive or its abbreviation HDD.  C drive, fixed drive, and fixed disk drive are some of the other names we may call the hard drive. 

Are You Looking for External Hard Drive Repair? 

External hard drives may also need replacement or data recovery.  We work with brands like Seagate, Fujitsu, Western Digital, IBM, Maxtor, Dell, Iomega and others.  

So How Does a Hard Drive Work?

A hard disk works by storing data.  And its special skill is that it can store data even if your device is disconnected from the power source. 

Some hard drives are solid state, as in flash drives. In other hard drives, magnetic heads located on rotating disks or platters within the computer hard drive read and write your data to the drive 

Hard Working Hard Drives Fail

The hard drive is active whenever your computer is in use and with continual use hard drive problems will occur.  At some point you may well see hard disk drive failure.

We Can Help

Give us a call at Tucson.Computer for professional hard drive troubleshooting.

We have been repairing computers and replacing hard drives for more than 25 years. 

Let’s fix that damaged hard drive and get your computer working again!

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