Computer Virus Repair Services

Get Rid of Virus on Laptop


A virus on laptop can slow you down or even destroy your documents, but if you think your laptop has a virus, we can help with state of the art laptop virus removal. 

We clean virus from laptops, handle needed laptop virus repair, and install virus protection to help keep your laptop safe from future virus infections.

Get a free estimate on your laptop virus removal by calling or dropping by the shop.  Our technicians are trained to provide the laptop virus removal help you need.

Virus Cleanup for PC

Don't let your PC virus slow you down.  Call now for a free estimate to clean PC virus.  You can drop off your computer at our handy location just off I-10 or make an appointment and our computer repair virus removal team will come to you and remove virus from PC.

Virus on a PC can spread to other computers on your network or through your email contacts.  If you believe you may have a virus on PC, we can run our virus cleanup for PC, handle desktop virus removal and get you back in business quickly.

See why Tucson trusts Continental Computer Services for virus and spyware removal - give us a call.

Remove Spyware and Malware

Spyware and Malware are virus problems for many computers. Computer spyware may change the configuration of your computer, show you advertising, or even collect personal information without your approval.  You may have spyware or other unwanted software on your computer if you

Notice a new toolbar  that won't go away

Feel your computer takes longer than usual to complete tasks

Experience more frequent computer crashes 

See pop up ads even when you are not on internet


Please don't be fooled by those imitation virus remover, spyware remover or malware remover programs you find on the internet.  

Internet virus remover programs you are asked to automatically download to remove a virus may be the very same programs causing you all the problems!

Call for an estimate to safely remove the virus and clean up your PC or Mac.

Get Virus Cleanup Plus Protection

It is good to get rid of a virus problem, but preventing a future computer virus infection is even better.  We offer two important virus protection options.

When you bring your computer to us for a virus cleanup, you also get virus protection added at no additional charge.

For long term added protection from malware, spyware and the latest virus threats, we offer a monthly remote computer care program that will scan your computer for problems and remove any malware discovered.  Ask about our Remote Service Contracts and discover how you can save money and time - You can even get two months free computer care.

Recover Data Lost to Virus Infection

If you have lost data due to a computer virus,  please look into our Data Recovery options or call us for Data Recovery help.

See What Our Clients Say About Virus Repair Services from Continental Computer Services


Thank you, Continental Computer.  Your virus removal team really speeded up my computer.  LS

Wow - what would I have done without you!  Thank you for rescuing my computer from that Microsoft scam!  SF

Thank you so much for your very prompt response to my call.  Your technician showed up after hours and got my computer cleaned up and running again that same evening.  That is the kind of service a small business like mine really needs!  KS at Marketing Matters